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Forecast App Sends Future Foursquare Check-In Notices To Your Friends List

Forecast App Sends Future Foursquare Check-In Notices To Your Friends List

FoursquareChecking in on Foursquare is a great way to let your friends know where you are at any moment, however if you plan on having them possibly meet you at those locations it could mean waiting around for an unspecified amount of time, that is unless you have the Forecast app which pushes out “future check-in” locations to your Foursquare friends before you even arrive on location.

The mobile application, once installed on your Friend’s Smartphones can also user push notifications so your plans are immediately revealed to your friends, alerting them to the best places to meet up with you at any given moment.

Since the program works in conjunction to Foursquare, users simply log onto the system using their Foursquare account

At this time the program pushes out your future plans to all of your Foursquare friends, which could cause a lot of spam, however the program is still in it’s infancy which means better filters and other options are likely to be added in the future.

Here’s a quick look at the apps interace:

Forecast App for Foursquare Users

Notice how simple the interface is at this moment, you can check-in, check out users activity and check out a friends Forecast’s. It’s a very simple interface but it doesn’t really need to be elegant to work as advertised.

In the meantime this is the type of functionality that I wouldn’t be surprised to see added to the official Foursquare program in the future.

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The program is currently available for iPhone Download while Google Android users will be able to pick up the app right after it gets out of beta testing.

Are you willing to share your location based information with your friends before you arrive at that location? Speaking from my own college experiences I can see how this program could be used to alert everyone about parties without notifying people not in your network who you might not want to attend.

What do you find most alluring about Forecast?

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