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Former sex blogger Cutler bankrupt

Former sex blogger Cutler bankrupt

Remember Jessica Cutler? The Associated Press reports that she just filed for bankruptcy.

To refresh your memory, Cutler used to work as an aide to then Sen. Mike DeWine, R-Ohio, created the “Washingtonienne” blog in 2004 and began posting racy details about her sex life with six men, including a Senate colleague and “a few generous older gentlemen” who she said paid many of her living expenses. The juicy details of her blog and firing eventually landed her a book deal and a Playboy photo spread.

In filing for bankruptcy, Cutler said that she can’t even pay her American Express bill, legal fees and student loans. Her bankruptcy filing puts on hold her legal woes versus. A former boyfriend sued her for $20 million in damages, saying that Cutler’s blog publicly humiliated him.

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