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Forty Media To Run Business Logs

Forty Media To Run Business Logs

Last month we announced that Splashpress, the company that owns the Blog Herald, had bought Business Logs from Mike Rundle of 9rules, in a private deal. However, since then it has been unclear as to what the future held for Business Logs with neither party revealing any plans for a new management set-up. Until yesterday.

Business Logs is to be managed by Forty Media, who will be handling all aspects of the site- including dealing with the significant amount of blog design enquiries that are generated. As James Archer posted-:

Two of the biggest concerns with the sale were (1) keeping the high-quality blog going, and (2) continuing to offer awesome blog design services for clients.

To resolve those concerns, Mark brought in the company I work for, Forty, a well-known web design and development firm based (proudly) in Phoenix, Arizona. We’ve been designing and blogging since the old days, and have worked quite a bit with Mike in the past.

From here on out, we’re going to be managing the site, as well as overseeing the blog design work for Business Logs clients. We’ll also be working with Mike to give the site a fresh new look, and port it over from Movable Type (old and busted) to WordPress (new hotness!)

James also made some interesting observations on how blog readers tend to take change after a shift in site ownership….

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For blog audiences, change sucks. Right now, you’re probably thinking, “Aw, crap, B-Logs is going to go right down the tubes.” We totally understand and respect that. We’d probably be thinking the same thing if we didn’t already know how awesome it’s going to be!

We really believe this will be a good thing for everyone involved. Mike will get to spend more time with 9rules, his biggest crush apart from his fiancee. You, the reader, will continue to receive awesome blog-related content from the guys here at Forty, as well as several guest bloggers (including Mike from time to time). And, for our part, we’ll get to know you guys, which is a reward unto itself.

Good stuff, James. Here at the Blog Herald, we’ll be keeping a keen eye on you…..:-)

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  • This is going to be fantastic. I’ve known James for many years (he was literally the very first 9rules member, ever) and he’s just a great guy to be taking over. I don’t think Mark could have picked a better choice.

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