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Foursquare and American Express Team Up For Discounts

Foursquare and American Express Team Up For Discounts

Foursquare and Amex PartnershipLocation based service Foursquare announced on Thursday that they are teaming up with credit card company American Express to offer their base of more than 10 million users special discounts in an easy to access format.

To use the program Foursquare users with an American Express account simply sync their accounts together and then receive “check-in” discounts without the need to print or clip a coupon.

Since customers will only receive specials at locations where they check-in the program also means customers are not bombarded with sales items that they don’t want and will only receive specials when they choose to accept them by using the Foursquare check-in function.According to Foursquare:

Today, we’re happy to announce that the partnership is going national. Across the whole country, at select merchants, you can now check-in with foursquare, pay with your American Express card, and get big savings on your monthly statement.

It’s simple to use:

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  • link your AmEx and foursquare accounts (you can do it here);
  • check-in at a participating store and tap ‘load to card’ on the Special; and,
  • pay with your AmEx card.

While American Express may not have the same reach available to Visa and Mastercard customers it’s still a great way for location based service to test yet another new type of partnership.

If you happen to have an Amex let us know how your experience with Foursquare is going.

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