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Foursquare Debuts Trophy Case, Partner Badge Program

Foursquare Debuts Trophy Case, Partner Badge Program

Trophy Box - FoursquareFoursquare today debuted their new “Trophy Case” option, a portal that gives users a place to show off the various badges they’ve collected through the apps use.

The trophy case stores a users unlocked Foursquare badges. Users can then choose to view their Foursquare or Partner badges, while clicking on each badge brings up a description of each unlocked item.

The Trophy case also shows how the user earned their badge and which of their friends have also earned the same badge.

The official Foursquare blog also announced the launching of a Partner Badge program that can help various organizations engage their users at a higher level.

Ready to take advantage of your own company’s badge? Fill out this form to get started and Foursquare will get to work with you, however I have a feeling there might be a bottleneck for a little while.

In the meantime, here’s a biggest screenshot of the new Trophy Case option:

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Trophy Box - Foursquare

What do you think about the new Foursquare Trophy Case option?

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