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Foursquare ‘Explore’ Feature Now Available For Non-Members

Foursquare ‘Explore’ Feature Now Available For Non-Members

Foursquare MapsFoursquare is expanding its Explore feature to non-members.

A new link button via the Foursquare Web service allows members to share a link to venue pages for people who do not use Foursquare.

The mobile app rolled out a button for the service in early February, priming the platform for further expansion.

The new feature generates a URL that can be accessed without logging into Foursquare.

Many analysts have complained that Foursquare needs to expand its service to survive an onslaught on competition. By allowing non-members to access venue information the company could become a more capable open ratings and local search platform.

Venue pages feature a wealth of data shared among Foursquare members. That data including ratings, photos and user generated tips for each location or event.

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Foursquare claims to have generated 3 billion check-ins to date. It is still unclear how becoming an open platform would affect the company’s check-in platform.

In the meantime Foursquare data could also be sold to third-party’s, turning the platform into a data aggregation service alongside its check-ins business.

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