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Foursquare iOS Update Delivers Check-In Incentives

Foursquare iOS Update Delivers Check-In Incentives

Foursquare Check-InFoursquare on Wednesday launched an updated iOS app that offers incentives when users share their check-in insights on Facebook and Twitter.

In describing the new app update Foursquare says:

“Love checking in and seeing that you’ve passed your record for weeks in a row at the gym? Now we’ve made it easier to share the insights you see after you check in on Twitter, Facebook, and more. Just tap the share button to show off your 30-week gym streak, an awesome special that you unlocked, or a great tip from a friend.”

When a user checks in they are shown how many similar businesses they have checked into recently and now data from their account can be shared with a users social networks. 

Foursquare has been repositioning itself as a local search app more along the lines of Yelp than the original Foursquare application. Foursquare now offers tips and information about local businesses via the Explore feature.

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Relevant tips still require Foursquare users to check-in at locations which explains why the company is putting more emphasis on developing a share friend version of its platform.

Foursquare iOS Update

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