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Foursquare iPhone App Now With Photos And Commenting

Foursquare iPhone App Now With Photos And Commenting

Foursquare Photo and Comments - iPhoneFoursquare, the popular location based check-in service today announced the addition of photos and commenting capabilities for their iPhone application.

Using the new option you can now check-in at your location and attach a photo to that check-in place of origin. You can then add comments to your check-ins or to the check-in locations of your friends, creating for a more social experience.

The photo option will provide a prompt to add a picture as you use the service, much in the same way you are asked if you would like to add a “shout.” Foursquare users can also choose to add a photo after they check-in which is then added to that check-in details page, the same page where your check-in comments are hosted.

Your photos, just like your check-in locations will only be available to those you choose to share them with, such as your Foursquare friends or social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Comments on the other hand are only viewable and active for your Foursquare friend base which will help eliminate spam worries.

Furthermore, photos can be associated with tips and venues and those photos will be of public domain, allowing for a more rich content experience via the location based service.

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Foursquare promises that the new features are just the beginning and that they hope to have a more visually appealing personal archive in the future for each users check-ins, photos and comments.

What do you think about the newest option from Foursquare?

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