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Foursquare Launches Stand-Alone App For Business Customers

Foursquare Launches Stand-Alone App For Business Customers

Foursquare for BusinessesFoursquare on Tuesday debuted a stand-alone mobile app geared towards businesses. The new app delivers the location based services Web business venue management tools to mobile devices. The app is targeted towards small business owners.

Available for Google Android and Apple iOS apps the new Business app allows business managers to create updates about their businesses and then push those updates out to current customers.

Business users can also use the new Foursquare app to share updates via Twitter and Facebook.

As an added benefit business owners can also turn on and off specials and monitor recent check-ins. 

In a blog post revealing the new business app Foursquare announced its motivation for debuting the new product:

“Sometimes, when you’re running around on the floor, it’s hard to hop on a computer and post your latest happenings, like the spring collection that just arrived or your newest menu item.”

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With more than 1 million businesses currently using the Foursquare management suite the app could be a big help to many small and medium sized business owners.

Foursquare is currently experiencing mounting pressure to competing against a growing Facebook presence in the location based services game and from other outside forces. Analysts have called 2013 a critical year for Foursquare innovation and expansion if the company hopes to survive.

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