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Foursquare Loses Product Manager To Flipboard

Foursquare Loses Product Manager To Flipboard

Christen DuongFoursquare has lost product manager Christen Duong. After two years with the company she announced plans to move from New York City to San Francisco. Christen is making the move so she can join another starup, Flipboard.

Christen was a fast moving achiever for Foursquare, over her short time with the company she helped roll out a completely redesigned mobile app. She also helped role out the Explore tab for discovering new venues and helped in the development of contextual pages that show tips from friends alongside pictures they post.

Just as she did at Foursquare Duong will help Flipboard develop better content discovery methodologies for its various publishing partners. 

In a blog post Christen Duong said of her Foursquare departure:

“It’s bittersweet to leave such a great team and product. Whenever you build something new and shiny that do things other companies can’t do, you leave a piece of yourself behind. I’m leaving it in good hands though and can’t wait to see the next things to come!”

The former Foursquare product manager might be making the right decision, many analysts believe Foursquare is in trouble and could end up on the selling block before the end of 2013.

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Some analysts believe Foursquare will ultimately sell for less money than it raised through various rounds of funding.


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