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Foursquare Reaches 3 Million Users

Foursquare Reaches 3 Million Users

Foursquare LogoIt’s official, Foursquare has hit three million users, only two months after the location-based app surpassed the two million mark.

The new milestone is an important one for Foursquare who now faces increased competition from Facebook Places.

Ian Paul of PC World, points out that Facebook Places may actually be helping FourSquare attract a new audience who had never considered the idea of “checking-in” to locations until Facebook released their own offering.

The new milestone proves that Foursquare has been gaining traction, it took the company a full year to reach one million users and less than 2 months to reach from 2 to 3 million users. To put that number into perspective, an average of 18,000 new users join the site everyday according to founder Dennis Crowley during an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

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There are still questions remaining about FourSquare, for example, how many users are willing to show their location based services, after all, Facebook has raised the ire of users who want their information to remain private. Users may also become bored while using the application, I have many friends who dropped FourSquare after the idea of checking-in became “old.” Other users who don’t travel very often may also simply run out of new places to check into, which could cause part of the companies userbase to wear thin and forget about the application when they actually do travel.

Whatever the future may be for Foursquare, one thing is for certain, the more location based services continue to grow in popularity, the better Foursquare continues to do.

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