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Foursquare Reaches 6 Million Users, Brags About It With Infographic

Foursquare Reaches 6 Million Users, Brags About It With Infographic

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I’m not a fan of location based services, in my opinion it’s an invitation for crooks to realize you’re not at home and then rob you while your at dinner. Also, my messages would show how pathetic I really am, “I just checked into my couch for the 50th time this week” would not make for the most interesting Twitter and Facebook updates.

On the other hand, 6 million users find location based services a big win with Foursquare announcing today that they now have 6 million mayor wannabees roaming around with their mobile devices and computers, checking in at every chance they get.

To go along with the company’s success they have created a chart that shows how they have achieved 3400% growth in a very short time. No that isn’t a typo, they have really grown by 3400 percent.

Here’s the Infographic cut up into each highlighted section:

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As I previously reported, Foursquare reached 3 million users on August 30, 2010, wow what a difference less than 5 months can make.

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