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Foursquare Shows Off What 500 Million Check-Ins Looks Like On World Map

Foursquare Shows Off What 500 Million Check-Ins Looks Like On World Map

FoursquareLocation based services app Foursquare has published a map of the world which showcases exactly what 500 million check-ins look like. The map focuses on check-ins implemented over the last three months.

The move to showcase its importance comes less than a month after financial research firm PrivCo claimed that Foursquare was having a hard time raising venture funding. PrivCo believes Foursquare will be purchased in 2013 for less than its total funding.

Foursquare is estimated to be collecting upwards of 5 million check-ins per day with many of its users located in tech savvy cities including New York City and San Francisco.

The location based service says its more than just about maps, Foursquare aims to provide ?amazing personalized recommendations” that businesses can use and users love.?

Even if Foursquare fails to provide business services the company notes that other location based providers can use its data as an additional layer in their apps.

In a blog post for its location based map Foursquare says:

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?Because our location database is based on millions of check-ins every day, it?s incredibly reliable and up-to-date. That?s why everyone from Instagram and Bing to Flickr, Quora, Path, Soundtracking, Evernote, Garmin, and thousands of other developers use our location information to power their apps.?

Here is the posted Foursquare check-ins app:

Foursquare Check-ins Map

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