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Free iPad Scam Targets Twitter, Facebook Users

Free iPad Scam Targets Twitter, Facebook Users

Facebook Phishing ScamsTwitter and Facebook users may want to act especially wary of any “free iPad” offers that come their way, according to PC World a new scam has circulated that states:

“u have to check out this website its glitchin right now and sending out ipads to everyone for free!”.

The messages look legit, having been sent according to IntoMobile from “hacked Twitter or Facebook accounts” that may include people from your very own friends list.

Once the link is clicked users are taken to “” which asks users to enter in their information to receive items from various companies. Once a user enters in their personal contact and other information, they have immediately given up their info for malicious uses.

Both of the social network sites involved are aware of the issue and have reset the passwords for accounts that may have been hacked. While both companies say the issue affects only a small number of accounts, it’s still worth paying close attention to if you receive this type of offer.

Twitter has went so far as to release the following statement:

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If you’ve received a message promising you a new iPad, not only is there no iPad, but also your friends have been hacked.

Be careful and make sure to report any issues you see involving this scam.

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