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Free & Legal Images for Your Blog

Free & Legal Images for Your Blog

PicApp, the image Website that lets small-time bloggers use big-time images, has rolled out several changes designed to make user’s lives a bit easier.

With millions of timely images to choose from, you can also now expect the following improvements:

Website performance – all actions, especially running searches and grabbing image embed codes, will be super fast – searches are 5 times faster!!!

Search quality – a new search is more accurate, stable, with a wider range of images (we added new image providers and have several others in the pipeline), a wider range of image collections (sports, science, medical etc.) and the ability to filter searches by categories for your specific blog needs.

Image display – it will be easier and faster to grab image codes and embed them in your blog, the code itself has been modified so images load faster and look better on your blog posts. We have also added “Image Thumbnail” feature, to let you use a thumbnail image as a teaser and drive traffic to the post where the full size image is displayed.

New Picapp tools – with the new website tech backbone in place, we can start releasing new and exciting tools and widgets to create new ways for you to use Picapp and for your readers to interact with your blog content. As part of our new Tools section on our home page, we are excited to release “The picapp search” which enables you to add a direct Picapp search to your personal browser – try it out! We are also extending an invitation to our loyal bloggers to join our Alpha revenue share program. In the coming weeks we’ll deploy more of these to the website so stay tuned….

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PicApp certainly comes in handy when searching for blog images and keeps you out of potential legal trouble. Be a good blogging citizen and only uses images you have the rights to!

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  • I hope the Blog Herald got paid well for this post. Using phrases such as “with the new website tech backbone in place, we can start releasing new and exciting tools” it’s pretty obvious that this is just a PicApp marketing piece.

    Some disclosure would be nice.

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