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Free Webinar Programs For Personal And Business Use

Free Webinar Programs For Personal And Business Use

Best WebinarIf you need to host a quick webinar with your business colleagues, study group at school, or anyone else for that matter, you might want to consider some of the very capable free applications available for general use.

Webinar programs allow users to share screencasts, chat with friends and even connect to customers. While there are numerous business, educational and personal webinar apps in the market, we focus this time on several free yet competent options.


This webinar program is one of the most popular in the market. The program allows users to host up to 10 people in a webinar at no cost and with no ads. MeetingBurner offers impressive features including Skype connectivity, fast screen sharing and reliability. MeetingBurner also provides real-time session analytics.


This is my personal favorite webinar application. While the free version does display ads, it is also capable of supporting up to 200 attendees at no cost. The AnyMeeting webinar software supports screen and application sharing alongside messaging, VoIP, and even polling support.  AnyMeeting allows sessions to be recorded and shared via social networks, which makes it perfect for training and other purposes.

Vyew – Google Chrome Plugin

Using Vyew is a simple process in which the user downloads a specialized Google Chrome plugin. Once installed, the application can support up to 5 parallel webcam streams. Joining a Vyew webinar can be accomplished in real-time and screen applications can be offered as shared resources. Vyew also offers Google image search and YouTube integration.

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OpenMeetings – Free and Open Source Webinar Software

We love free and open source software at BlogHerald and OpenMeetings is a web-conferencing software package that offers the open-source type of connectivity we have come to love. OpenMeetings is hosted on a users own server and provides sharing for screen, mic, and webcam. OpenMeetings also offers a whiteboard during webinar. There is no limit on the number of users who can participate. Keep in mind that this is server side technology and therefore its scale is dependent on your own servers ability to handle user load.

Those are just a few of the free webinar programs offers online. The team at BestWebinar has compiled a list of webinar programs you should probably give a test run to before you get started.

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  • One more very good webinar tool which you may add in the above list is: R-HUB web conferencing servers. It is an on premise solution which allows you to host a webinar form anywhere anytime. Attendees can join the webinar without download of any kind. You may try the same.

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