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Fresh outbreak of the blogs are bad virus appears in California

Fresh outbreak of the blogs are bad virus appears in California

Just then we thought that the United Nations World Organisation for the prevention of the Blogs are Bad virus has finally stamped out this insidious threat to world peace and fun loving teenagers through out Amercia, a fresh outbreak has been reported in California, although initial reports indicate that locals on the ground are attempting to fight the outbreak with statements such as “blogs aren’t always bad” and “sometimes blogs can be good”. reports on local California teens sharing their personal information on the web and exposing themselves to molestation, when they should actually be out on the streets taking drugs and getting pregnant like teens use to do prior to blogs.

“Law enforcement officials and parents across the country are raising alarms that the information kids are posting on the blogs makes them easy targets for sexual predators.” says the report.

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Update: and Chicago as well.

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  • “Won’t somebody please think of the children?!” – The constant chorus of technophobic Americans.

    This isn’t a blog phenomenon. Kids have been posting too much information since this whole information superhighway thingy got started.

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