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Friends With the Bloggy Network

Friends With the Bloggy Network

At the Bloggy Network blog, Jacob Gower posts that the folks over at the Bloggy Network have “no ill feelings” about the situation a while back over the new Blog Herald ownership.

During the recent acquisition of Blog Herald, there was a bit of confusion over the new owners. The company that bought Blog Herald was ‘Bloggy-Network’, not to be confused with our very own

The ensuing ruckus caused a lot of angry words to be thrown around, and in one unreported case, even a custard pie.

That has all been sorted out. Bloggy-Network has changed its name to Splashpress Media. The name ‘Bloggy Network’ will be used by us and only us. And with that, this chapter is closed. We are happy with the result, Splashpress Media is happy with the result, and there are no ill feelings between the either of us.

David Peralty likewise posted about this on Blogging Pro.

I speak for the Splashpress Media/Blog Herald team in saying we’re very happy that things have gone well, and that the differences have been settled diplomatically and with decency. I guess there’s no better way to take care of problems like this than to face them head-on, but calmly and with reasoning ability intact (people kind of lose this in fits of rage and anger). In our case, communications were privately exchanged between the concerned parties (Mark and Jacob) and they struck a deal.

As part of this, Splashpress and Bloggy Network came to a mutually beneficial agreement, wherein we made a (private) bid for the Eatonweb Portal (related news here), the oldest blog directory on the Web. Part of the agreement in this purchase was for Splashpress to turn over the domain names and, the filed US trademark #77047464 for “Bloggy Network”, plus of course our cash payment for the directory site itself.

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On behalf of Splashpress, I’d like to thank Jacob and David for their understanding and fair-mindedness. We share their sentiment of having no ill feeling about this matter. It truly is all “water under the bridge”.

Jacob was my boss back when I worked for the Bloggy Network, and David was my colleague (and mentor, if I may say so). I perceive them to be very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. They have great vision and I think they have what it takes to succeed in pursuing their goals.

Lastly, I’m afraid I must admit I was the one who threw that custard pie.

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