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Full Time Twitterer

Full Time Twitterer

It is not just by advertising that you can monetize your twittering, you could also get paid to write tweets for somebody else. I’m sure a lot of people are making a living doing this, at least part time, since social media is as hot as it is these days. If you doubt that, Simon Owens found at least one person who does twitter for a living, for a magazine called Sky Mall. The twitterer, whose identity is unknown, was mentioned in a New York Times piece on the mag, although I doubt it is a 40 hour workweek. If it is, what a hack…

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  • Honestly, I can’t blame them. I don’t know how all these celebs etc. find the time to update their tweets, facebook pages and myspace pages 10 times a day! Maybe having a pro write them would improve the quality a little.

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