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Gay people more likely to read blogs: survey

Gay people more likely to read blogs: survey

According to a new survey from market research and consulting firms Harris Interactive and Witeck-Combs Communications, blog consumption habits of gay, lesbian and bisexual (GLB) adults differ from those of their heterosexual counterparts in the United States.

The survey found that gay people read blogs more often than their non-gay counterparts, with 27% of GLB adults frequently or occasionally seek out blogs versus 18% of heterosexual adults, and only 44% of GLB adults stating that they never read blogs as compared to 59% of heterosexual adults.

Whether the results have any great consequence in the great scheme of things is yet to be seen, but the statistics should provide some solace to bloggers who actively target the GLB market.

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  • You write of “blog consumption” and targeting a market.

    Some of us blog for other than commercial reasons.

  • On Tommy’s comment: target market and consumption may be marketing terms (sorry my background) but they are every bit as relative in a non-commercial sense as they are in the commercial world. Yes, some people may be happy with 3 people reading their blogs over a period of 5 years, but nearly every blogger I know (and I can say they are mainly non-commercial) wants more traffic, and marketing tools and concepts are important in building traffic and view numbers, irrespective of whether there is 1 cent in it or not.

  • this is one of the worst study’s ive ever seen. whats the point? why would anyone care? its totally bs. i hope no one actaully paid for this fiction, if so ive got some good research i am interested in selling.

  • so i dint get the issue i’m not from the GLB so shuld i blog or not coz i stated to get confused

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