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Genuine Site Rank Tool for Bloggers

Genuine Site Rank Tool for Bloggers

Chris Garrett and several other bloggers recently begged Google for mercy after a PageRank slaughter that left many successful blogs reeling.

While many bloggers include the extinction of PageRank in their nightly prayers, it appears that the little green bar is here to stay – for now., a global Web Directory (IDK stands for “I Don’t Know), hopes that their new “Genuine Site Rank report” will help bloggers get a realistic idea of their blog’s worth.

The sources from which the site pulls data are not new, but viewing them all in one place is convenient.

No registration is required. Just enter your URL and information will populate. A quick scan of Blog Herald’s stats reveal that we’re almost 5 years old; have close to half a million inbound links; and are linked from Wikipedia once.

The site puts BlogHerald at 73%, valued at over $100,000 – a number that is definitely debatable.

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Excellent work; your site is very popular, reaching a status that few other sites will achieve. Leverage your site’s visibility and traffic to reach the 75th SiteRank percentile.

I’m sure mom is proud of us.

Let us know how your results fare.

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  • “With SiteRank over the 55th percentile, your site should have the potential to earn in excess of $1,000 per month, giving it a five digit valuation.”

    If you believe that, you’ll believe anything.

  • Slowly but surely:
    Not bad for a 6 month old blog that has intermediate updates. man i hate moving and losing my internet connectivity.

    Site Rank 40%

    Nice job; your site is making progress. Traffic and reach are close. You should be realizing good income from the right monetization methods, depending on your site’s category and audience. Your site is over the 40th SiteRank percentile.

  • This tool is a joke, much like the rest of existing valuation tools out there. Don’t waste your time.

  • Interesting. I’d have to say I am quite tired and weary of all these tools claiming they can adequately determine your site rank.

  • No offense to the Google haters, but unless you run a search engine (like Yahoo! or MSN! Live) then your various “page ranks” are pure crap.

    Even though I do not even use Yahoo!, I would be more concerned with their ranking system mainly because their search engine brings visitors to my site, which is based on whatever code/ranking system they have created in house.

    I think the only reason people mention these things is because Google cut their “cash flow” by getting rid of blogs/websites engaging in text link advertising as spammers were using it to game the system.

    Either way, its search engine page ranks that matter, and if they don’t have a decent share of the global market (I’d say at least 1%) then whatever rank they assign is pretty much worthless.

  • One of my sites got no results from Google links, which is incredibly wrong. One of my other site it was pretty close. Regardless, these metrics are incomplete. Quantcast, compete stats would be useful.

  • I’ve quit paying attention to page rank and all that other crap, I’m tired of my website being branded a number and unless that number is high enough supposedly my blog is no good? That’s just crap.

  • im still waiting my blog PR to move up from PR 0 to PR 1, how long does its takes…ermm just wandering. its takes about 2 month to get PR0

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