German Business Newspaper Invites the Blogosphere, Using Twingly

Twingly widget on Handelsblatt.comThe Twingly widget (read more about the blog and enterprise version), which links to blogs linking the page it is on, is spreading. The most recent client is, a German financial site.

We are very happy to announce today that, which to people not familiar with German media can be described as the Financial Times of the German-speaking world, is starting to link back to blogs using Twingly.

They’ve got their own announcement story as well, in German of course. Mine is a bit rusty I’m afraid, but you can always run it through Google Translate if you’re curious.

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You can find the widget in the right column, just scroll down and loog for the box. It’s a bit anonymous perhaps, but it is certainly better than ignoring the blogosphere, so kudos to the Germans on this one!

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