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Get Your “Follow Me” Twitter Buttons Now!

Get Your “Follow Me” Twitter Buttons Now!

Splashpress Media has recently announced the launch of Twitter Buttons, which easily lets bloggers create “Follow me!” buttons for pasting into their sidebars, social social network profiles, or just about anywhere you could insert HTML into.

The site’s function and dedicated service is to provide attractive looking buttons for Twitter users to display on their websites. One would have thought, with the huge popularity of Twitter in mind, that there would be a mass of similar services out there, but it’s really not the case! And this might explain the huge success that our site is already having with the hundreds of thousands using the buttons on their sites and so many users signed up to the email subscription.

Twitter Buttons makes button creation as simple as typing in your Twitter username and clicking “GO.” Users don’t even need to sign up for an account.

We are currently adding new buttons to the collection. There are currently 64 colorful and cute buttons you can choose from; or if cute is not to your liking, there are also more subdued-looking ones. We’re also thinking of new features, and if you have any ideas, do drop us a line!

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Twitter Buttons was recently featured on and Killer Startups, where the service was lauded as a pratical, no-fuss way to help promote your Twitter profile.

For updates, follow us at @tbuttons, the Twitter Buttons Blog or Splashpress Media’s own @splashpress.

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