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Gina Trapani’s Brand New Blog

Gina Trapani’s Brand New Blog

Gina Trapani, of Lifehacker fame, have launched a new blog called Smarterware. She calls it her soapbox and the idea is to blog about whatever she feels like, in tech that is. Which is to say, expect reasons to convert to the Android and her must have Windows XP apps, to name a few excellent posts that are up already.

Here I will testify to the tech I love, admire the folks who are doing something right, describe how I use my favorite digital tools, and figure out ways to get work done more efficiently and creatively.

A good read for sure. And you got to love any launch post that has these words in it:

You won’t find ads or Digg badges or two dozen posts a day here. What you will find is stuff that fired off a synapse or two in my head and lots of sentences that involve the words “I”, “me”, and “my.”

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I’ll most certainly follow this one.

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  • I *love* blogs that are there just for the individual’s ideas and commentary (and not so much about the industry/niche). You can get some pretty insightful ideas when a person is writing straight from the heart.

    Data points, Barbara

  • Gina,
    I recently purchased your book. I am thorougly enjoying it. I have become very interested in your idea (hack 94) in creating a personal Name Plate. Yes I have just seen yours and I like it. I hope to do this for myself soon. I have also thought about creating a small business where I could do this for others! What do your think about that? Would I be stepping on anyone elses toes by doing this? Do you know of anyone who is already doing this as a business?

    Any and all feedback you can gieve me on this idea will be greatly appreciated!

    And Yes I like your web site/blog. Keep up the good work that you are doing. You are a true inspiration to others!!!

    Grover Cox

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