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Girls Dig Sport, Apparently

Girls Dig Sport, Apparently

Yet another b5media blog launches, this one called The blog is edited by self-proclaimed tomboy Lyndsey D’Arcangelo (profiled here). Kori Ellis writes:

Lyndsey will be blogging about the world of sports from a female perspective. She’s a feisty sports fan, who is always up for a good argument.

Lyndsay expands in her introduction post:

It doesn’t matter if its baseball, hockey, football, soccer or basketball. If it’s a competitive sport of any kind, chances are pretty good that I’m into it. I also know that I’m not the only girl out there who loves to watch and talk about sports. There are just as many girls who “dig” sports, as there are guys. The only difference is that we don’t have that many outlets or forums to discuss the sports we love. I read sports blogs daily. And I have yet to find a blog that is devoted entirely to girls who have a vested interest in sports.

That is until now.

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The blog is dressed in pink on black. Sooner or later, the b5media designers will have to face the fact that pink isn’t the only color that attracts female readers, but it can, however, alienate the male crowd.

Anyway, congratulations on the launch, and check out if you will.

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  • Thanks for the post and I hope you visit regularly, despite the pink :)

    b5media Sports Channel Editor
    (and other Girl who Digs Sports)

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