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Glam sells advertising on moderated Twitter feed of Oscars

Glam sells advertising on moderated Twitter feed of Oscars

Selling advertising alongside unmoderated user-generated content can be tricky because it’s near-impossible to guarantee the quality of that content.

On Twitter, anyone can use a particular hashtag even if their tweet has nothing to do with the subject.

However, the online publisher/advertising network Glam thinks it’s found a way to appease advertisers by guaranteeing a moderated feed of particular events via its “gWire” widget.

Starting with last weekend’s Oscars, Glam used a number of trusted editors to filter the raw #Oscars Twitter feed and only push through approved comments. The widget itself can be embedded on third party sites in much the same way as Twitter offers its own widgets, except the content is pre-approved.

Glam’s network of publishers may even be able to earn a share of any revenue generated, with the scheme possibly extending to those outside the network in the near future.

Glam’s CEO, Samir Arora, said that the feature works best when it’s covering an offline event with plenty of commentary. The Oscars is a great fit. The company may also do the same with FriendFeed and Facebook feeds.

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What do you think about companies moderating Twitter feeds for their own gain?

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  • Its an excellent idea, being a technical person I can say that it will not be very difficult to create. However, before venturing to such a task, it is good to monitor Glam and for sometime and find out whether their idea is successful

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