Gmail Outage: Why it Still Says Beta

Gmail had some down time for a few hours recently, luckily something I just saw in passing since it was at night where I’m located. I’m a dedicated Gmail user and I get very annoyed when it is not accessible. I also think that it works well enough to replace a desktop mail client, and that makes me think that the “beta” mark on Gmail is ridiculous. But it is there, and for a reason. Google has issues with their e-mail service from time to time, and obviously don’t feel that it is ready to be released for real. Which I think is a bit scary, but obviously understandable. It makes it easier for people like me and Om Malik to accept the apology and continue labeling our inbox accordingly.

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  • you suck. you think you can post anything you like and get away with it? that’s one of the worst articles EVER posted here.
    you should definitely think about yourself and if that’s what you’d like to do in the future. because you SUCK!

  • LOL you suck, that is one of the WORST COMMENTS EVER! can’t believe they approved it actually. did it ever occur to you to think about how many bloggers rely on Gmail? no? why am i not surprised…..

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