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Gnip Adding Instagram, Reddit, Bitly And Panaramio To Its Data Pipeline

Gnip Adding Instagram, Reddit, Bitly And Panaramio To Its Data Pipeline

GnipGnip has added Instagram, Reddit, Bitly And Panaramio to its firehose of data licenses. The company was previously collecting data from  Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress and Disqus. Data collected by the company was then sold to brands so they could better understand how their products are being discussed on social media.

Gnip will now use public posts from its new services along with their APIs to fold further data into its subscription based reports.

In a blog post Gnip notes:

“Our customers care about every public conversation that happens online.”

Using the new platform marketers will be able to monitor Instagram posts by keyword or by geolocation. With Bitly and Reddit brands will be able to track links that are being shared about their products. 

Gnip will also implement the Reddit API to find negative stories that emerge about its brand partners. With 50 million active Reddit users the data collected should prove invaluable. Reddit with its finger on the pulse of creating trends could help marketers quash bad press before it has time to brew.

Speaking about its decision to add Instagram location based info Gnip writes:


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“We have consistently found that our customers are eager for more social data with geotagged content.”

Approximately 15 to 25 percent of all Instagram users geotag their photos.

With billions of social interactions occurring on a daily basis across hundreds of social platforms we can likely expect to see more partnerships with Gnip and other networks in the near future.

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