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God under attack by former Communists: religous implications?

God under attack by former Communists: religous implications?

Blog god Dave Winer is under attack from people unknown who reside in the former atheist Union of Soviet Socialists Republics (aka Russia).

Our father who art in Userland writes that the Ruskies are costing the church of Dave Winer the later day saint thousands in bandwidth costs and that he might need to call the police.

My thoughts: perhaps its an attempt by the cult of Mena who as well as calling for a separation of the United States into 2 nations and contends that Winer is a false prophet, to crucify our lord and drive him from the internet? :-)

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  • Interesting that Digerati Dave refers to us in the long tail as “little fry” (the past above the link). As for the bandwidth problems … well, Dave, old chap, if you will stick your head above the parapet, don’t be surprised if people think you’re a turkey. Personally, I’d rather be small fry. :-)

  • Yea, verily, I was astonied (sic, see King James or dictionary).

    Dave Winer is an egoist, as was his uncle, the atheist German author, Arno Schmidt.

    So was his other uncle, Ken Kiesler, aka “The Great VavaVoom” (no kidding).

    In many ways, Ken and Arno were powerful magicians, but they suffered the fatal flaw of egoists:

    no knowledge of how others percieve them.

    They were conquered by their own egos.

    Speaking of prophecies, when are the Winerbots coming?

  • In my more paranoid moments, I’ve imagined
    that Dave Winer was the deus ex machina
    behind Karl Rove,
    like the snake oil salesman
    behind a malevolent Wizard of Oz.

    After three nights without sleep,
    it all made perfect sense:

    Dave Winer could only be the Projectionist
    behind the False Image of the Beast,
    Mr. 666 Himself,
    the reconstituted Ronald Reagan.

    Egad, what a nightmare!

    Yes, I’ve been diagnosed as bi-polar,
    but I prefer the old-fashioned term:

    I have learned, however, to mitigate
    the depression that seemed to
    inevitably follow the ascent to the
    rapturous heights of the manic high.

    All I have to do is look at that photo
    of Dave Winer in the steam bath,
    and it brings me right back down
    to mundane reality:

    Dave Winer has become his own uncle.

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