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Good buzz for Chitika’s eMinimalls

Good buzz for Chitika’s eMinimalls

Its seems, to borrow Jensense’s headline, that everyone is talking about Chitika’s eMinimalls, and rightfully so. Darren has a review, as does Jensense, ThreadWatch and Revenews. There is certainly a good buzz about the program and they’ve got a great variety of ad spots. A couple of words of warning: you cant run them contextually with Adsense, and in my experience they don’t work as well on sites that don’t cover products (for example I tried them here at the Blog Herald with little success). Indeed, I’ve actually today dropped Adsense from one of my sites altogether and replaced the spots only with contextually delivered eMinimall spots because even serving them non contextually I was getting a return of about 7 times that of Adsense. If you haven’t tried them out yet, visit them here.

Update: Chitka eMinimalls named as MITX finalist

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