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Google AdSense pushing local currency reporting for many international publishers

Google AdSense pushing local currency reporting for many international publishers

When I logged into my Google AdSense control panel last night I found a new option to have my earnings listed in local currency (UK pounds) from now on.

This has been developing for some time but it’s the first time I’ve been prompted by Google to change to local currency.

What appears to be new is that, once the change has been made, it’s not possible to change back to US dollars (either reporting or payment method). Before, Google had said that “you can still choose to receive payments in US Dollars”.

Does this make any difference to international publishers?

On a positive note, you’ll know exactly what money will be sent to your account once you reach a payment threshold rather than waiting for an end-of-month currency conversion.

However, this can also work against you. Perhaps you’d set a payment hold, hoping for the exchange rate between the US dollar and your local currency to improve. This will now have little bearing on what you get paid, because earnings are converted daily using the current exchange rate.

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You don’t have to switch yet, but Google makes it clear that soon you won’t have any option but to convert to local currency reporting.

Local currency reporting is currently available in the following countries:

Australia: Australian Dollar
Austria: Euro
Belgium: Euro
Denmark: Krone
Finland: Euro
France: Euro
Germany: Euro
Italy: Euro
Japan: Yen
Netherlands: Euro
Norway: Krone
Portugal: Euro
South Africa: South African Rand
Spain: Euro
Sweden: Krona
Switzerland: Franc
United Kingdom: British Pound

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  • So before when in USD the withdrawal limit was $100. What is the amount in (GBP) UK we have to recieve before getting paid?

    I hope it is not £100, as that is a steep change.

  • Has anyone else noticed a significant drop in earnings as a result? Since switching to GBP my daily income has dropped by over a third and that is after taking account of the exchange rates. Could just be a blip for my site but wondered if anyone else had noticed this???

  • Adsense try to give international money currencies support.. because i think they are thinking more big in international advertising network area. Good news…

  • It seems a bit steep for them to insist that everyone changes. I personally would prefer to remain with things as they are!

    It would certainly be more diplomatic to allow existing clients to remain as they are if they choose, but impose the new rule for new clients!

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