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Google Asks “What Should Blogger Do?”

Google Asks “What Should Blogger Do?”


After 10 years of existence and releasing a bunch of features including activating real time RSS feeds, jump breaks (AKA expandable post summaries for you WordPress guru’s) and anointing BlogPress Lite as the Blogger app for the iPhone, Google is now asking for suggestions on how to improve Blogger.

(Blogger Buzz) As we close the chapter on the first ten years over here on Blogger, the team couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities that lie ahead over the next ten. And while we’ve got some great things planned already, we know that the ideas and passion of the Blogger community will inspire us further. So in that spirit, we’re going to once again ask for some help writing out the next chapter of Blogger. Only this time, we mean it quite literally :-)

We’d like you to take a second to think about where Blogger is today, and then where you’d like to see it in the future. What are some words that come to mind? How would you describe it?

Google is already taking suggestions over here, although here are a couple that come to mind from this Blogspot fan.

Pages: has them. Typepad has them. Even Squarespace has them.

Blogger needs to add this (long overdue) feature. And no, Google Pages doesn’t count (and neither does Google Sites).

Blogger Theme Market: There are probably more themes for Blogger out there than any other platform that I know of (WordPress included).

See Also

One site called BlogSkins hosts tens of thousands of templates, and a simple Google search showing millions more.

If Google could organize the vast majority of these in one place, it would help users help users find decent looking templates without having to dig too deeply into the code.

Any other suggestions?: If you are a blogspot users (or former one), what suggestions would you give to Google to improve Blogger?

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