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Google bans WordPress, Baio deletes comments

Google bans WordPress, Baio deletes comments

As the assassination of WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg’s reputation continues, the WordPress website has blacklisted by Google and had its page rank stripped. Tests by The Blog Herald indicate that although subsiduary pages on the site appear, the main page has disappeared from a simple search for “WordPress”.

In other news, Andy Baio, the man driving the character assassination of Mullenweg has deleted critical comments at the site from bloggers who are against his post, including that of the editor of the Blog Herald.

(editors note: For a person who has appointed himself the high priest of blog ethics, the free use of censorship at only demonstrates the perilous position of his accusations and his disgusting role in the whole affair. Its a bit hard to champion transparency when your not willing to be questioned yourself)

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  • If I’m censoring opposing opinions, then why are so many of the comments in the thread from WordPress supporters?

    Like I stated in the comments, I was going to delete comments from either side that resorted to petty name-calling and flame-baiting. I removed five or six comments from both sides of the issue, but yours was easily the worst of the bunch:

    “Shame on most of you, but more particularly you, Mr Baio for your crucifiction of a guy who has given so much to the blogging community without personal enrichment. Sure, he’s made a mistake, but did you tell him in your IM conversation but as soon as he left the country you were going to nail him on a cross and destroy his reputation. Surely this post can only demonstrate that the blogosphere has now truly gone mainstream, because we are now capable of climbing into the same low gutter as the mainstream media. Maybe next time your ‘hesitant’ you’ll think twice before posting.”

    It added absolutely nothing to the discussion, and was insulting both to me personally and the blogosphere at large. Were you really surprised I removed it?

    To answer your one question, yes. I told him in IM that I was going to write about it on my site after he responded. Here’s the relevant part of the chat transcript:

    [06:43] waxpancake: FYI, after you respond, I’m probably going to link to this or write a front-page post.
    [06:43] waxpancake: Just so you’re not surprised
    [06:44] saxmatt02: eh, I’d just as soon take it down but they’ve already paid for the month

    So there you go. Feel free to confirm this with Matt when he gets back if you don’t believe me.

  • Telling him your going to write about it and posting what you did are two totally different things, the implication of what you have written personally goes to Matts motives.
    As for offensive, offensive is the use of bad launguage, not dissent, what you peddle Mr Baio is censorship.

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