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Google Begins Adding “Social Links” To First Page Searches

Google Begins Adding “Social Links” To First Page Searches

Matt Cutts Google Social Search ResultSocial links on Google search pages isn’t a new practice, the company started adding them quite a while back, however those searches have now been moved to the first page of search results, showing a deeper integration with the company’s social search practices.

Under the new search results, when a user is signed into their Google account they will see relevant results from their friends blog posts, tweets and even Flickr accounts.

Under the search platform users can choose which friends and networks they will see results for by accessing their Google Account settings and looking under the “Connected Accounts” section.

Google has also made it simple to connect accounts privately, rather than using default public connection from without your Google Profile, allowing you to share results but not your Twitter username.

Here’s a video demonstrating how the new social links results will display:

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