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Google Blogger Finally Gets Scheduler

Google Blogger Finally Gets Scheduler

Often thought of as innovative and ahead of the curve, Google isn’t a leader in every tech category. For example, I’ve always found Blogger, as a blog publishing platform, to be far behind WordPress, TypePad and Square Space. Aside from being a bit cumbersome to use, some basic features were, for some strange reason, omitted.

Well today, Blogger users can now schedule posts for future publishing. Finally.

In order to use the feature, and other “in beta” features, you’ll need to sign up for Blogger in Draft, a system where you get to test new features before they hit the mainstream.

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Better late than never, but the move is certainly not enough to lure me back to Blogger. However, I am excited at the though that Gmail might not be far off from offering the ability to schedule e-mails. A great new service, Letter Me Later, allows you to do just that. However, I would prefer the functionality built into my favorite e-mail programs.

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