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Google Buzz Firehose Released For Public Use

Google Buzz Firehose Released For Public Use

Google LogoThe idea behind Google Buzz Firehose is simple, it gives developers the ability to access all public activity from the social networking service. Developers can access that data from a single feed that’s published with real-time PubSubHubBub syndication.

Google chose to release the new option since it was the most requested feature by developers.

To highlight the feature Google showed off Buzz Mood which finds Buzz updates with the same emotion-related verbs and then shows them to users with a slideshow type animation, it’s pretty useless but offers a working example of the new syndication feed.

Several Firehose partners already include OneRiot and Collecta, two big players in the real-time search space.

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Adding to their Firehose reach, Google has also announced new API options including: users’ comments, users’ links and share counts which are all available through each of their own feeds.

Developers, what do you think about Google Firehose, it is a big win for your projects or just another example of Google grasping at air?

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