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Google Chrome: Reading Up While We Wait

Google Chrome: Reading Up While We Wait

So by now most of us have learned that Google finally is entering the browser market, with Google Chrome, an open source browser that promises a lot, but is yet to be released. It is due today, Tuesday, for in a beta version for Windows only, with Mac and Linux versions on the way. While we wait for something truly substantial on this, here’s some required reading:

Personally, while I’m excited about a lot of things in Google Chrome, I’ll keep quiet until the browser is actually available in beta. It sounds good though. One final thought, however. Google went with Webkit (used in Safari), not Mozilla’s Gecko engine. That’s got to hurt…

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  • I read the entire comic book .. looks very promising … :) I cant wait to test it …….. don’t mind the “beta” tag .. gmail is still in it’s beta stage, but the most popular email service of our times…

  • A dawn of a new era? — There’s definitely not a soul who doesn’t know about the decade long microsoft and google rivalry. Both of these huge goliaths having been constanly pushing themselves to their limits to totally conquer the computer and internet industry. I think I’ll stick with firefox till Chrome moves in and out of beta.

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