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Google Chrome Web App Store Now Offering Social Friend Suggestions

Google Chrome Web App Store Now Offering Social Friend Suggestions

Google Chrome Store Now With Friend Suggestions

Buyers browsing the Google Chrome Web App Store are now able to discover which apps their friends have downloaded and recommend.

The program has integrated with Google+ and offers recommendations when a potential buyers friend has signed in and clicked on the +1 button beside that item in the store. Buyers choose which Google+ circles to share their recommendation with and it shows up in your recommendation list when you log into the Google+ network.

Users can now review themes, extensions and app suggestions from Google+ circles followers by clicking on “From your circles” located as a link in the left category menu of the Chrome Web Store.

For users choosing to simply browse the Chrome Web App Store the apps recommended by Google+ Circle followers will be highlighted for easy perusal.

Google isn’t the first social network to offer this type of service, the Facebook App Center which launched in June also allows users to glance at apps to determine which are the most popular among their friends for both iOS and Android based devices.

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Do you think the social sharing of recommendations across app engines will ultimately lead to better download choices or will it simply push out competing apps that are worth the download but have not yet gained mass appeal because of recommendation competition.


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