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Google Fights Back Against PayPal This X-Mas

Google Fights Back Against PayPal This X-Mas

You may or may not have heard that PayPal is offering $20 rebate for purchases made through its service from Novmber 23 2006 through May 2007 — primarily to counter the rumour that Google would be allowing its merchants to use its Google Checkout for free.

Well, you can quash that rumour, because it looks like its true.

Google, which usually picks up 2% of the purchase price of a product, and $0.20 per transaction will offer its services for free starting yesterday until December 31st.  It looks like there is no limit to the number of transactions they’ll process for this time as well.

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Well, you can weigh a $20 discount for your customers, or free transactions for yourself — or, offer them both.  Either way, it looks like lots of folks will win this Chrismahannakwanza!

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