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Google Gives Blogger 77 Ways To Express Ones Text

Google Gives Blogger 77 Ways To Express Ones Text

It looks like BlogSpot fans will have something extra to boast about (aside from Blogger’s perfect uptime record) as the search engine giant has just blessed Blogger users with 77 total fonts for their blogs.

A couple of months back we introduced Web Fonts to Blogger in Draft. Today we’re excited to not only launch Web Fonts to ALL Blogger users, but also announce we’ve added an additional 35 fonts to the mix, for a grand total of 77 fonts! […]

Web Fonts, brought to you by our good friends at Google Fonts, let you spice up and further personalize your blog. Just have a look at what we’ve done with the post titles and text of this blog! And for those of you interested in fonts for non-latin alphabets such as Cyrillic, Greek and Khmer, we have those too! (Blogger Buzz)

At first glance the additional fonts seems trivial, although after messing around with the settings within my Blogger account the additional fonts does help spice up the appearance of ones BlogSpot blog.

The additional change should also help maintain the platform’s dominance as the king of publishing platforms especially in light of the ever popular Tumblr.

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For those of you not upon Blogger, Google Fonts is fortunately available as a plugin, module or extension for WordPress, Drupal or Joomla fans, respectively (note: if anyone can locate a plugin for Movable Type fans, feel free to let us know below).

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