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Google Introduces Social Linking with Shared Stuff

Google Introduces Social Linking with Shared Stuff

Google gets into the social bookmarking/linking game with Google Shared Stuff. More of a social linking app than a bookmarker, the new app gives users an easy way to share links and other online content via email, other social bookmarking sites, and their own Shared Stuff page.

From the Shared Stuff info page.

The Google Email/Share button allows you to easily share or email any web-page with your friends. Your shared stuff page is publicly visible and allows you to share stuff with your friends and on the web.

Whenever you see the Google sharing button, on our sites or any other, click it to share the current webpage in whatever way you prefer!

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Google is still quiet about this new service, but Google Blogoscoped has posted a short guide and some commentary on Shared Stuff. There is also speculation that this service is a peek at the “Maka Maka” social infrastructure mentioned in a leaked developer video a couple of weeks back.

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