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Google Latitude Leaderboard Added Into The Mix, It’s Pretty Much Just Like Foursquare

Google Latitude Leaderboard Added Into The Mix, It’s Pretty Much Just Like Foursquare


Google LatitudeSince Google launched Google+ the company has quickly attempted to piggyback on the social networks success by rolling out new ways to use social media information. Recently Google began sharing Google+ posts in search results and now it’s using Leaderboard to compete with Foursquare, a leaderboard feature that implements Google+ data to rank users.

If you’re unfamiliar with Google’s Leaderboard it’s a program that rolled out last week for the Google Maps platform and allows users to earn points by checking into locations via Google Latitude.

The program has rolled out for Android devices with an iPhone version sure to follow in the future.

Google hasn’t officially announced the program as a Foursquare competitor, in fact the company didn’t even list Leaderboard feature when adding it to the new version of Android Google Maps, instead focusing on minor bug fixes including “improved battery performance for Latitude and Location History users.”

Google has also not yet provided all users with the most recent version of Leaderboard equipped Google Maps and the program only works for select users once they have checked into a location using Google Latitude.

Using the program Maps users can share their location as they have been able to do for the last year using Google’s Latitude app. Once checked in the user earns points and they are then shows the Leaderboard page which ranks them against their Google+ friends.

We’re sure even more features will be added once the program is fully released to all Google Maps users for Android.

Would you switch from Foursquare to Google Latitude Leaderboard if the programs end up being similar or will you just check in with two location based services?

Here’s a look at Google’s new Leaderboard feature:

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