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Google Launching Cloud Based Music Service Without Labels Support

Google Launching Cloud Based Music Service Without Labels Support

Google Cloud MusicIt’s official, Google has unveiled their cloud-based music player at Google I/O.

Called Music Beta by Google, the program works in a similar fashion to Amazon Cloud Player.

Unfortunately because of lacking support from major record labels users can not share music, can not buy songs from Google (Amazon users can at least buy songs) and they can not use offline caching.

Those lacking elements mean that users can only really load their own music onto a service and then stream those songs to their Android phones, tablets and a web-based player. Users will however be able to transfer their created playlists to any device that supports the cloud player, while users will be able to store 20,000 songs at no cost, that number is four times larger than Amazon’s current free rate of 1,000 songs.

The product is currently only available on an invitation-only basis with Verizon Xoom users grabbing the first invites, however interested users can sign up at Sorry iPhone users, your devices are not supported at this time since the program requires Flash support.

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While the Google Cloud service lacks advanced features, Google has promised that just like Google Android when it first launched, the program will build upon itself, adding more advanced features as Google engineers develop them.


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