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Google+ Launching New Feature To Flag Coworkers

Google+ Launching New Feature To Flag Coworkers

Google Plus for Enterprise usersGoogle+ has announced plans to launch a new enterprise feature which allows users to discover when they have connected to someone who works at the same company.

According to a Google+ blog post, if a coworker hovers over a person’s name they will see the company’s URL beneath the Google+ users name section.

Google+ has been long attempting to split up users via Circles, ensuring that coworker are kept separate from other family and friends on the growing social platform.

This newest move is being seen by some analysts as Google’s latest move to allow for better platform collaboration among Google+ enterprise users. 

Once coworkers are connected they can add one another to a work related circle for all of their collaboration needs.

To help determine if someone is a coworker Google relies on the business having Google Apps for Enterprise installed for users.

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