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Google+ Link Sharing Makes Inviting Your Friends Easier [Free Invites Here]

Google+ Link Sharing Makes Inviting Your Friends Easier [Free Invites Here]

Googe Plus Invites

Google+ is trying to make it much easier for their 25+ million users to invite their friends over to the social network and to accomplish that goal they have rolled out a new link sharing system.

The new social network update allows users to create a unique link which can be shared with up to 150 friends, as a user clicks on that link and signs up for Google+ they are automatically added to their friends Google+ account, ensuring a quick connection.

Users still have the option to invite friends by email, however the new link could allow users to also invite Twitter and other social network friends over to their Google+ accounts by simply offering a quick cut and paste solution.

Google+ engineer Balaji Srinivasan announced the new feature this week but warned:

“Since we’re still in field trial, we’re limiting sign-ups from these links to 150 per person for now”

The social network is still in limited Beta testing, however with each member now allowed to invite up to 150 people into their network the site should see some added growth over the coming weeks.

A recent study found that the site could outgrow Twitter and LinkedIn within one years time, if Google+ continues to offer easy to implement invites that estimate could be correct.

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As an added bonus to BlogHerald readers I thought I would share my Google+ Invites with our loyal reader base:

Just remember to hurry and click on the link while invites are still available (only 150 left and counting down).

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