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Google Makes Blogger Smarter (Dictionary Now Included)

Google Makes Blogger Smarter (Dictionary Now Included)


The boys and girls at Google have added a built in dictionary feature for Blogger fans using Blogger in Draft (Blogger’s eternal beta).

(Blogger in Draft) We recently added a dictionary with definitions and translations to “Blogger in Draft.” […]

If you’d like to see synonyms for an English word, begin by looking up its definition as above. Then, click a hyperlinked synonym to browse to its definition, and click Insert or Replace to add the currently displayed word to your composition[.]

While the dictionary addition is “okay,” Blogger’s synonym feature is sweet, as it prevents bloggers (like me) from overly using a word to death to the irritation of my readers (who are grammar freaks).

You can (with a click of a button) swap out your favorite repetitive word with a synonym, which can help keep your blog sounding fresh instead of stale after the third paragraph.

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The synonym feature is only available in English, although hopefully the Blogger team will expand this towards other languages (unlike the dictionary feature which is available in even Chinese and Korean).

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