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Google offering UK Analytics users £75 of AdWords advertising

Google offering UK Analytics users £75 of AdWords advertising

This may well have been doing the rounds among other publishers, so apologies if this is old hat to some, but today I received an email from Google offering me £75 of AdWords advertising.

I’m a UK blogger using Google Analytics. The email begins:

Dear Google Analytics User,

As a Google Analytics customer, we know that you care about the quality of traffic coming to your website, so we wanted to introduce you to Google AdWords. AdWords works by placing targeted advertising alongside Google’s search results.

To help you get started with AdWords we’ve sent you a voucher for £75 of Google AdWords advertising. The voucher is risk and commitment free, so start advertising today and drive more traffic to your website.

It then lays out the benefits of advertising with AdWords, and provides a personal voucher code. It’s only for those who don’t already have an AdWords account.

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It’s not the first time Google has cross-promoted its products, and even £75 (about $140) is small change, particularly if it gets more people hooked on the system. It’s a good match, too, as Analytics and AdWords integrate well together.

Has anyone else received one of these invitations?

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  • Yeah, I got one this morning. Pretty interesting — I might use it to supplement my upcoming site launch.

    £75 sounds a lot, but I know our clients at work spend a lot more quite regularly. How far does it actually go, or can be made to go?

  • Guess it depends what keywords you’re bidding on and who you’re up against. I never really got into the intricacies of AdWords.

    I expect you could eek it out, but Google no doubt hopes that you’ll be soooo impressed with it that you’ll carry on spending, or otherwise you’ll forget to cancel your freebie (which the email says you can do) and start getting charged instead!

  • I tried AdWords once, didn’t really generate enough decent traffice to my site for the cost I was paying out. It seems word of mouth is a good way to start up!

  • I might consider it, though I want something worthwhile to point the ads at. Not got much time, though — just read the Terms and Conditions at the end of the page:

    “Offer expires and promotional credit will only be granted to accounts created on or before 31st October 2008”

    I suppose I can create the account without spending it.

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  • I have been using Adwords for the last 2 years and i can only say that it increased my online sales by about 20%. The pay per click cost of Adwords is even cheaper than Adbrite. I love Adwords.

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