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Google offers basic font options for AdSense

Google offers basic font options for AdSense

Google’s general philosophy surrounding AdSense ad placement is to make them blend with the rest of a site’s content, so it’s always struck me as a little strange that publishers have had no control over the fonts displayed.

That’s just changed, with Google announcing an update which allow ads to be rendered in a number of fonts. Don’t get too excited, though, because there’s a small selection — Arial, Times and Verdana.

You don’t get much control beyond that. Obviously, you can’t alter the size of the fonts because the ad blocks are specific sizes and you’d end up clipping ads (this often happens if a user manually increases the font size on their browser). It only works on ads displaying Latin-based characters, and it won’t affect image-based adverts.

The default is to use the “Standard AdSense font family” so you don’t have to worry that all your ads will suddenly transform into Times font if you don’t want them to. It will be interesting to see if this change makes any difference to conversion rates. Never an exact science, of course.

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  • Interesting, Dave. I hope Google isn’t just changing them on a whim, as I don’t want mine changed. Certainly not to Times New Roman anyway! Reminds me of those adverts for memory products and stuff you get in newspapers that are supposed to fool you into thinking it’s regular copy but is in a completely different font! Advertorials?

    Off to check my own ads now :)

  • This has been the hottest topic among blogs lately. However, you’re right. Publishers should get too excited about it, although it may help a bit.

    Thanks for sharing though.

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