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Google+ Photos Now Searchable

Google+ Photos Now Searchable

Google Plus Photo SearchGoogle+ users can now search for photos using the social networks search bar.

Users simply type in a search term and then choose “photos” from the drop down menu to begin their photo search.

At this time the search filter does not allow for multiple filters to be applied, a fact that will likely change with the next Google+ update.

The Google+ search will only show photos that are listed as permissible for each user. Essentially only “public” photos and photos from circles you belong to will show up.

The move to add photo friendly searches was an important step for Google. The Google+ platform has quickly become a hot spot of discussion and display for artists looking to share their own works and their favorites pieces form other artists.

Google+ has become so popular with artists that three of its top 10 communities involve photography discussions.

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Google has spent the last several months improving its output design including a better photo display.

Do you think Google+ has moved in the right direction by building its photo search directly into the main Google+ search bar?


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