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Google+ Adds +1 Sharing For Photos [User Requested Feature]

Google+ Adds +1 Sharing For Photos [User Requested Feature]

Google Plus ButtonGoogle+ users who want to share a photo from a friends account no longer need to share an entire Google+ post thanks to a new feature that rolled out on Thursday.

According to Vincent Mo, Google+ Photos engineering lead users can now click on any image found on a Google+ post at which point they are offered the option to share the photo with the +1 button.

The new feature is located right next to the “Tag people” and “Share” options making it simple and effective to use.

Google points out that iPhone app users can already take advantage of the new features while the Android and mobile site versions will be launched in the near future.

Here’s a quick look at the new feature:

Google Plus 1 Photo Shares

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Google+ engineers have been seeking out feature requests from users and the photo sharing option was one of their most requested features, in the future we should expect to see the +1 button grow as it takes on a Facebook “Like” type of “everything shared” function.

What would you like to see the +1 button be used for?


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